About Cashplay

Cashplay is a strategic and economic game that simulates the conditions of real financial life. You can check the effects of a financial strategy simply by playing and having fun. You can make mistakes and lose virtual money without fear. Check what financial future awaits you.

Experience a great career with lots of action, promotions and raises. Make an incredible investment. Become a king of the stock market or make a good investment in real estate or maybe other investments?

Create a huge company that will help millions of people in the world, and you will ensure a prosperous life. The best part is that if you manage the game, you can do the same thing outside of it.

Build your successful financial future - it's about time for Cashplay!

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Simplified rules of the game

  1. You start with a small amount of money that you can turn into a huge fortune.
  2. If you have little money and you will be surprised by the expenses, you will go bankrupt.
  3. Develop your unique strategy that will allow you to become the richest.
  4. Promote your career, growth your business, or invest your money.
  5. Develop your skills. You will never lose them.

Join these struggles of an unprecedented scale. Grow your financial empire and prove that the richest man in the world can be the only one: You!

Build your own financial empire

build new financial empire

At first in game and later do it also in real life!

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