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Which browser economy game is the best? Here are 3 games that will develop your financial intelligence

Looking for a browser economic game? Preferably one that teaches you something? In this post you will find 3 examples of browser games. Each of them has educational value!

In today’s world of computer games, browser productions are gaining more and more popularity. However, some of these games offer much more than just entertainment and the opportunity to escape into virtual reality. They will also provide you with educational value. Some of these games create a world where you can discover the principles of running your own business, make strategic decisions, develop negotiation and financial management skills. These are not only games, but also simulations of business reality. If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, be sure to test them! In the entry we discuss the games: CashPlay, Farmersi and Pre.Kapitalni.

Browser economic game – definition

We need to start by explaining the basic concepts. Don’t worry, it won’t be difficult.

A browser game is a type of game that is available and played in a web browser. Unlike traditional games, it does not require any special software to be installed, nor does it require any special hardware. You can play it on a computer, smartphone or tablet. The only condition is access to the Internet.

Economic games are based on economic simulations where players often assume the role of an entrepreneur. You are the head of a virtual company, enterprise or community. During the game, you have the opportunity to manage resources, make business decisions and strive for economic success. It is worth remembering that your choices affect the development and performance of your virtual company, community or economy.

Typically, players have a variety of resources at their disposal, including money, resources or employees. They must make decisions that affect the growth and success of his virtual enterprise. In addition, they can multiply their own funds in the game by making specific investment or business decisions. Often, players have a virtual currency at their disposal, which they can invest in their company or produce and sell products.

The aspect of competition is also very common in economic games. This means that players can compete with each other for different things – customers, resources or economic results. In some cases, it is also possible to cooperate and trade with other players. This means that such a game requires the player to have resource management skills and business strategy.

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The best browser games where you can become an entrepreneur

Browser games are a great way to spend time online. We especially recommend those that allow you to learn something. Surely you know that there are a whole lot of games on the web. However, only a small part of them can be said to convey any value.

In the further part of the entry, we will present a few selected browser games related to running a business and managing money. Such skills will definitely be useful to you in real life.


CashPlay is an economic and strategic game about finance. You don’t need any programs to run it, just a web browser you use every day.

During the game you have the opportunity to manage your company, develop your career and make investments. With this game you can gain useful skills. The first one concerns business planning – each player must develop a strategy for his company. Then set goals and plans for the future. This is important because every decision you make while playing affects the growth of your business.

The second important skill is budget management – players must control expenses and use funds in a thoughtful and effective way. It is also important to attract investors and financial resources to develop your company and gain a competitive advantage. Just like in real life, right?

In addition, CashPlay also teaches you to make strategic business decisions that are critical to your company’s success. You have to monitor the market on an ongoing basis and compete with other players in the business market. Also, be prepared to change your business strategy if the situation calls for it.

Screen Cashplay, browser economy game

It is worth noting that the CashPlay game provides players with more than just information about running a business. It also allows you to observe how their decisions affect the financial markets. Thanks to this, you can gain knowledge about the principles of their operation. You will also learn what factors affect their stability.

In addition, the game also provides learning about investing. You will have the opportunity to experiment with different forms of investment, e.g. stock exchange, real estate or commodities. This will help you understand the basics of investing, the risks and rewards associated with different types of investments.

As you can see, this game is a great tool for anyone who wants to develop their business skills and see what it’s like to run their own business. CashPlay is often recommended as a tool for learning finance. Interestingly, it is suitable both for people starting their financial education and for those who want to improve their skills. In addition, many people say that it is a great alternative to Cashflow, which is the most popular educational game about finance. Check what connects CashPlay and Cashflow.


“Farmersi” is a browser-based economic game that takes players to a rural world, giving them the opportunity to run a virtual farm. It is an educational game where you can learn many important aspects related to agriculture, economy and farm management. Thanks to this game, you can gain hands-on experience in decision making, resource management, budget planning and market analysis.

By playing this game, you will be responsible for all the key decisions related to running your farm. You have to plan the crops, plant different crops, take care of the crops and harvest them at the right time. You will also learn to adapt your activities to changing weather conditions. You will learn a lot about running a farm.

With the development of your farm, you will be able to expand your farm, invest in new tools, machinery and infrastructure. You will learn to use resources efficiently to get the most out of your farm. Besides, this game will also teach you how to manage your finances. You will have to control the costs of cultivation, sale of crops, as well as plan investments to expand your farm. Thanks to this, players have the opportunity to learn basic skills related to budget planning, monitoring income and expenses.


“Pre.Kapitalni” is another example of a browser game. It is a business simulation that allows players to learn the basics of business management. Each player must lead his company from the beginning, i.e. from the stage of the business idea. Then we go through market analysis, attracting investors, building a distribution network, up to development and expansion into new markets.

Thanks to this game, you can learn important skills, including business planning, budgeting, business negotiations and making strategic decisions. The aforementioned game attracts fans of simulation games in particular, who want to learn in practice how the business world works. With its help, you will learn what is needed to achieve success in reality.

As you can see, it is not only an economic game, but also an educational tool. It offers a virtual environment where you can experiment, make decisions and grow as an entrepreneur.

We will also add that in each of the games discussed at the beginning you need to register. Besides, all the games featured will have a positive impact on your financial education. They will also teach you how to make strategic decisions that affect not only you but also other people. This is a great way to prove yourself as an entrepreneur.

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Nowadays, more and more games offer a combination of fun and learning. In this post, we have discussed 3 economic games that will keep you entertained for hours while expanding your knowledge. Each of them has an educational value, thanks to which you can learn important skills related to planning, analysis and making strategic decisions.

Test our selection of browser games and gain experience that you can use in your life. We are sure you will like one of them. We strongly recommend CashPlay as it is a good preparation before making real financial decisions. Do you want to test it yourself and become the richest man in the world? Sign up for CashPlay and start accumulating your fortune!

Main graphic source: Image by pch.vector on Freepik

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