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Business simulation game

Try building the business

Are you planning to open a new business? You can test your skills right away. There are many challenges in front of you but you don’t have to worry about your savings.
The business simulator is strategic and economic game that will let you check yourself as a businessman.

I want to check myself as enterpreneur!

Experiment in safe environment

You can fearlessly test your business strategies and find the most lucrative one. Business simulator (CashPlay) is a game which lets you have more than one company, manage them, tender, conquer new markets and strike a bargain with other players.

Take decisions under time pressure

You have only 24 h to use. The more time you spend on laying the foundations for your business, the better results you obtain and the more money appears only your account. Quick and prompt decisions under time pressure won’t be problem for you any longer.

Expand the company to earn more

Tender or conquer new markets in one of the available industries. Sell your services or goods to maximise profit. Monitor generated costs systematically and educate yourself to put that knowledge into practice.

I establish a company!

How to gain business experience in Cashplay?

Check what possibilities Cashplay gives you – see your business predispositions and test your strategies!

Compete with your friends – invite them to the game

Business simulation game is a fantastic way to spend time with friends. By inviting them you can assess your business minds’ compatibility.

The more players on the market, the more volatile it becomes and, in fact, it may broaden your experience

  • Invite friends and test you negotiation skills
  • Observe and learn from the most active players
  • Compete with your mates in tournaments
  • Make networking your powerful tool
  • Develop your management skills

Create your own successful business strategy

CashPlay business simulator opens in front of you possibilities to train entrepreneurial skills. Avoid costly mistakes in reality by trying different directions for growing your business. Learn which of them will perfectly fit for your company and then test new ideas.

  • Look for new talents and test yourself as a boss
  • Bet on innovation and allocate funds for research
  • Enlist the help of assistants to better manage your business
  • Experiment and look for new ways to develop your company
  • Watch your competitors’ activities to stay one step ahead of them

Take part in Tournaments and beat other players in the contest for the title of the richest man in the world

Business simulator CashPlay offers more than increasing your knowledge of economics and business management. Thanks to tournaments you will come to grips with other entrepreneurs and prove that you’re the best. The rivalry with other virtual businessmen give you another experience and fun!

  • Run against other players in cyclic competition
  • Check how profitable business you are able to build
  • Test your knowledge in practice, score coins or win the prize
  • Find your company on Hall of Fame list
  • Check if you make progress