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Cashflow – reviews about the game that are worth reading before you decide to buy it

Cashflow opinie

Since you are here, you probably know what Cashflow is all about. In this post, we have prepared a summary containing opinions about this board game. You will find positive and negative reviews here. You can treat this article as an overview of opinions about the game.

Cashflow – positive feedback

By reviewing opinions about the game Cashflow, we can learn practically everything about it. In most of the reviews , users describe the positive impression that this board game made on them.

Players usually praise that Cashflow teaches about finance in a practical way . It seems that this issue is consistent with the manufacturer’s description. Users also say that Cashflow allows you to develop math skills because it forces you to count things. Of course, in such cases, many people will simply use a calculator, so it’s hard to say to what extent it actually works.

Several reviews also contain claims that the game is entertaining. Thanks to it , you can have a pleasant time with your friends or family . In addition, it makes it easier to look at life from a different point of view. In addition, according to one of the players, it complements education with financial elements.

Equally often, there are flattering opinions about the game’s author, Robert Kiyosaki. Most often , he is called a successful man who tries to teach others how to handle money in practice .

In one of the opinions we can read that the board game in question really combines learning with fun. Someone also rightly pointed out that it’s a brilliant idea to learn about investments through the game , without having to spend real money.

According to users , Cashflow works well for both novice and more advanced traders . There are people who appreciate the opportunity to test their investment skills on real estate. Another issue is the aforementioned learning of new concepts. During the game, we learn, for example, what passive income is.

There are often positive reviews related to participating in a rat race that looks just like the one in real life . That is, constantly following money, often without regard to anything else. The second option is also the scheme of living from paycheck to paycheck.

You can also find opinions saying that the game may seem complicated at first, especially during the first playthrough. Over time, you get to know her better and better, so first impressions don’t matter. An often mentioned plus is that each time the game looks different, so you can learn new things in the next one.

There are also opinions that the game fulfills its task as a study of finances for children and teenagers. Thanks to it, they can see with their own eyes how specific expenses affect the home budget. During the game, they can also observe what the payout is really for. Another example is that the game allows them to find out the hard way that money can run out someday. This should make them think about how to deal with such a situation in life.

The most interesting ratings are those that are extensive and contain more than a few words. In many cases, they are multithreaded, e.g. they describe how the game influenced someone’s later life and attitude towards money in general . Some write that they were brought up by a “poor father”, which obviously had a clear impact on their attitude not only to earning, but also to managing money.

According to one of the players , this is a game for people who are fed up with typical board games. In the further part of the speech, he lists the advantages he noticed in Cashflow. He mentions e.g. about learning to think analytically or managing a household budget – these are again issues promoted by the manufacturer.

The word that appears most often in all opinions is: “I recommend”.

Cashflow – negative reviews

However, there are negative opinions, just like with any other product. Among the disadvantages of Cashflow, the most common is its price. This is not surprising, because indeed this board game costs a lot, as we wrote in one of the previous entries. In many places there are opinions saying that this game is simply not worth buying. Some also immediately give the names of games that fulfill their task to a greater extent – learning through play.

The second common objection is high randomness, resulting from the fact that a lot depends not on the strategy we choose, but on the rolls of the dice . From a logical point of view, this seems reasonable, because it is indeed the dice that determines our moves on the board. In addition, the greatest impact on the course of the game has what occupation card we will be able to draw at the beginning. In the next phases of the game, we are also dependent on the drawn cards, but to a slightly lesser extent.

People usually also mention the fact that the price is inadequate to the contents of the box. Which in a nutshell means more or less that the price tag is exorbitant, and the reality is likely to disappoint us once the game is in our hands.

This accusation is related to another one, which concerns the low quality of individual elements of the game. You can find low ratings due to the fact that, for example, the cards are made of inappropriate material, which makes them stick together.

Some players say that investing in stocks or bonds is presented in a very simplistic way. According to this opinion, this leads to the fact that you can be surprised later when you want to implement these learned patterns. Someone also said that the game only teaches the basics, so if someone is not a novice in the subject of finance, it is unlikely that he will learn anything new from it.

In addition, it can develop the financial intelligence of players to a small extent. Let’s dwell on that for a moment. It is hard to expect that in such a game we will learn everything related to finance and investing. Let’s remember that this is still a board game, designed to provide players with some entertainment. If someone cares about gaining detailed knowledge related to these issues, it may be better to choose one of the fields of study that will provide it, and not expect to learn everything from the game.

Another problematic issue is the educational value that is promoted so much in the case of this game. Some players say that Cashflow has no such value. One review outright pokes fun at the game in terms of learning financial intelligence . The author of this opinion writes that these are some jokes, because the game is supposed to teach this, but it does not allow us to control impulsive purchase – here he refers again to the drawn card that decides for us. Players often don’t have the ability to make their own decisions.

He further accuses the author of Cashflow of the fact that this game was created to adhere to the ideological investment strategy that Kiyosaki preaches. In addition, we can read that Cashflow is basically no different from the well-known Monopoly.

Equally often there are opinions related to the fact that the Cashflow game has gained popularity due to good marketing , because due to its cost it beats various popular board games that contain a lot of elements, figures, chips and boards. The author of this opinion mentions the following games: Twillight Emperium, World of Warcraft or Horus Heresy, calling them “bricks”. At the end of his speech, he added a summary in which he writes that: “purchasing a game about financial intelligence is in itself contradictory to this financial intelligence.”


As you can see in the presented article, the Cashflow game has both its supporters and opponents. Opinions on the web are divided.

It seems that on the one hand it is worth investing in it to develop (or acquire) money management skills. On the other hand, you can try Cashflow online , which is completely free. Everyone will choose the option that suits them best. If you want to see for yourself how the gameplay works and what to expect from the game, then you should try it out.

We also recommend testing an alternative to Cashflow, which is CashPlay – an economic game about finances. Click here to register for CashPlay .

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