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How to get money to start a business in Poland?

Where to get money to start a business? Check out the ways that will enable you to obtain funds to start a business.

Obtaining the required financial resources is a key element of the process of starting your own business. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or have some experience, raising capital can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many sources of financing that you can use to implement your venture. In this post below you will learn where to get money to start a business. Here you will find inspiration and practical tips. You will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining external funding.

Business without money – how to get capital?

You have probably noticed that in recent years, more and more people have decided to start their own business. On the one hand, it is understandable, because they are tempted by freedom and the opportunity to achieve success in business. However, future entrepreneurs must face many challenges, including: problem related to financing your venture.

Obtaining adequate funds to start a business can be difficult and frustrating. Banks requiring collateral, investors looking for projects with high return potential, and subsidies limited to a specific industry or region are just some of the restrictions. Each of them can be an obstacle for people who dream of running their own business.

As a result, it is precisely due to the lack of sufficient capital that many promising ideas and projects may be stifled while still being planned. That’s why it’s so important to look for various ways to raise funds. This is exactly why they were created – to help those who have an idea and determination, but lack the funds to implement it. Later in the article we will answer the question: where to get money to start a company?

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Funds to start a company – what are the possibilities?

Starting your own business can be a complicated and expensive process. For this reason, it is worth considering applying for funding to open a business. Funding enables the purchase of real estate or machinery needed to run a business, as well as products that the company will sell. So where to get money to start a business?

There are many programs offering these grants, but it is important to read their terms and conditions and assess whether you meet certain criteria to apply for them. It is worth applying for such funds both when you plan to start a company or expand an existing one. This can be a great way to achieve your business goals.

We now move on to discussing the ways in which you can obtain funds to open a business.

Own capital

Investing your own funds is the easiest way to finance your business activity. You can use the savings accumulated in your bank account or sell valuable items that you do not need.

This method has one major benefit which is the freedom to make decisions without having to consult other parties. In addition, you avoid debts and the stress associated with paying them off.

However, it is worth remembering that it also involves the risk of losing funds if the project fails. Additionally, the lack of sufficient capital may limit the company’s opportunities for development and growth. It may be more difficult to acquire new customers or develop products. Without additional financial resources, expansion into new markets will also be difficult (or impossible).

Business incubator

An Entrepreneurship Incubator is an entity that supervises the activities of young entrepreneurs, often students. His main task is to support the development of a young company and guide its owner in the right direction. They can most often be found at universities, where they are called Academic Business Incubators.

The incubator is a great solution for people who plan to start their own business but do not know how to go about it. He advises on all matters related to running a business. It can also provide various types of courses and training, free of charge.

A big advantage is that by using such an incubator, the entrepreneur gains legal personality, which means that there is no need to register his business. Another important issue is that when operating as part of a business incubator, you do not have to pay ZUS contributions. Interestingly, such an incubator also provides accounting and legal assistance, and even provides the necessary equipment or premises. It also accompanies the entrepreneur in the process of applying for an EU subsidy, if he decides to do so.

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Bank loans

A loan is another idea for where to get money to start a business. Banks offer various types of loans for entrepreneurs. You can, for example, apply for a loan to start a business or an investment loan. Both options will provide you with the financial resources you need.

However, it is worth remembering that banks often require a solid business plan and security, e.g. in the form of real estate. Therefore, before submitting the application, it is worth preparing a detailed business plan and collecting the necessary financial documents.

In addition, it is worth remembering that bank loans involve debt risk. If your business is not successful or encounters financial difficulties, you will still have to repay the loan as agreed. It is necessary to carefully consider your ability to repay before taking out a loan.

Subsidies from the Labor Office

To obtain a subsidy from the Labor Office, certain conditions must be met. First of all, you must be registered as an unemployed person – this is the first step to being able to apply for a subsidy to start your own business.

The application should include, among others:

  • the type of business you plan to open,
  • the amount you are applying for,
  • description of planned expenses.

Importantly, if you want to apply for a subsidy, you must do it before you register your business. Additionally, there is one more thing to remember. Namely, if you receive such a subsidy for your company, you are obliged to run it for the next 12 months.

However, you must know that it cannot exceed 6 times the average salary. The funds received under the grant are non-repayable financial assistance. However, it may happen that you fail to fulfill the contract – in such a situation, the parties may agree on a form of security for the return of the funds received.

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Grants from the European Union

These types of subsidies are mainly targeted at people who are in a difficult situation on the labor market. The second option concerns people who are at risk of social exclusion. The above-mentioned social exclusion concerns people who do not have access to opportunities or services that enable them to live with dignity. This may include, for example, access to electricity or health care. The reason may be belonging to a specific minority or ethnic group, as well as disability. The point is that excluded people do not have the same opportunities as the rest of society.

In the case of EU subsidies, you can choose from a quite long list of programs under which you can receive funding. At the moment, there are almost 400 of them throughout Poland. You can find a full list of available grants here. Remember to select the appropriate filter for your age when browsing. Importantly, the amount of such funding depends on age and the entity servicing the project.

Subsidies from the European Union for opening a business can provide valuable support for entrepreneurs. However, you must remember to comply with the conditions of a given subsidy and the obligations arising from it. It is therefore worth learning as much as possible about the program you are interested in, e.g. by consulting a given institution.


If you are still looking for an idea on where to get money to start a business, we have another proposition for you. Crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds from a broad group of people who are called donors or investors. Importantly, everything is done via online platforms. This is an alternative financing method in which many people contribute smaller sums of money, contributing to the amount needed to implement a specific project or venture.

However, you must be aware of the fact that this form of financing requires not only a well-prepared business plan, but also an effective promotional campaign. The key to success in crowdfunding is effective promotion of the project. For this reason, its creator should use various communication channels, including: social media, websites or discussion forums. The goal is to reach as many potential donors as possible and interest them in the project.

As the author of the project, you must prepare a detailed description of your idea, fundraising goal and implementation schedule. In addition, information on how the collected funds are used is also necessary. It is also important to provide attractive rewards or benefits for donors, which may attract more investors.

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Funding for start-ups

You can receive this type of support if your business idea is innovative. Financing for start-ups involves providing financial support to enterprises at an early stage of development that have high potential for growth and innovation. The purpose of such funding is to enable start-ups to implement their ideas, develop products or services, and gain a position on the market.

Currently, many institutions are looking for companies with potential in which they could invest. If you decide to choose this type of subsidy, remember to carefully read the terms of cooperation. It may turn out that you will be forced to share your income with the institution that supports you. It is also not uncommon for an institution supporting young entrepreneurs to want to influence their business decisions. Therefore, you must be vigilant and not act hastily. It would also be best to seek specialist advice.

Remember to carefully look at and consider the different options before applying for funding. You will then be able to choose the one that will best suit your business.

Financing for opening a company – advantages and disadvantages

Now you are probably wondering what is involved in obtaining such funding. Below we will list the advantages and disadvantages of financing for starting a company that can be obtained from external sources.

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  • source of capital – external funding may provide the necessary financial resources to start or expand a business. This is especially useful when the entrepreneur does not have sufficient financial resources,
  • risk sharing – external financing allows for risk sharing with investors, which may be beneficial for the entrepreneur. Especially if the investment requires high financial outlays or carries significant risk,
  • increasing the chances of success – funding can significantly increase the company’s chances of success. It enables better equipment, covering marketing costs, hiring the right employees and developing other key areas,
  • expertise and support – some external investors offer not only financial resources, but also their experience, industry knowledge and valuable business contacts. All this can accelerate the development and success of the company.


  • loss of control and shares – obtaining external financing often involves the need to divide control and shares in the company. Investors may influence strategic decisions and management of the company, which may limit the entrepreneur’s independence,
  • competition and pressure – competition when applying for funding can be very high, especially in popular industries and sectors. The entrepreneur must convince investors of the value and potential of his project, which may involve pressure and additional efforts,
  • refund and other costs – depending on the type of funding, there is often an obligation to return the funds received or share in the profits. Additionally, part of the funding may be charged with fees, interest or other costs,
  • restrictions and conditions – external funding may be associated with various conditions and restrictions. Investors may impose specific requirements on profitability, growth or other metrics. This, in turn, may affect the company’s freedom of action.

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After reading this entry, you now know where to get money to start a business. Don’t forget that when choosing the right source of financing for your business, it is important to thoroughly research the available options. The next step is to consider the conditions, costs and benefits associated with each.

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