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How to save on shopping? Get to know our ways

Are you looking for ways to save on shopping? Check out this post! We discuss 13 ways to start saving real money on your purchases.

You are certainly aware of the fact that the cost of living has been increasing dramatically recently. As a result, people are looking for savings in almost every area. One of them is to reduce shopping expenses, because most products are also more expensive. What methods of saving on shopping are worth testing at home? Is it worth comparing product prices? Who is better not to take shopping? We have discussed as many as 13 ways to start saving money on shopping.

Saving on shopping – is it worth it?

Do you want to reduce your expenses? Would you like to start living more frugally than before? If so, you should consider saving money when shopping. First of all, it will allow you to approach shopping with greater awareness. You will start paying attention to the prices of individual products, even if you haven’t done so before.

Saving on purchases will also give you greater financial freedom. It is very possible that this will allow you to save money, which you can then use for other purposes. We mean, for example, saving for the future, repaying debts or investing.

However, saving money on purchases does not mean that you have to buy only the cheapest products. It’s not about giving up shopping completely. You can still choose high-quality products, but at lower prices, e.g. by taking advantage of various types of opportunities. In addition, it is worth using discount codes that can be obtained for previous purchases. You can also save by simply choosing stores with lower prices.

It is important to shop consciously, so you will not have to make any sacrifices. Later in the article, we will discuss the most important ways that make shopping easier.

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Ways to save on shopping

Below we present and discuss the best ways to learn how to save on shopping. We have prepared as many as 13 of them, so you have plenty to choose from!

Before going shopping, check the contents of the fridge

We start with something simple. You probably don’t shop spontaneously, you just plan it in advance, like most people. Remember to check the fridge or cupboards the day before – generally wherever you store food. Thanks to this, you will see how much stock you have for specific products and find out what you need. This will save you from wondering in the store whether you still have milk or whether you have used up the last carton.

This method will work great if, for example, you throw away food. It will also help you always have fresh products on hand.

Shop online

Online shopping has been extremely popular for years, which has become even more popular during the pandemic. Currently, there is probably no product that cannot be ordered online. I’m sure you realize that it’s not without reason that people like this solution so much.

Online shopping has many advantages, including: greater product selection, lower prices, time saving. Let’s not forget about the convenience of shopping from anywhere and at any time. In addition, it is easy to compare products and view opinions of other customers. To save as much as possible, shop in places where free delivery is guaranteed.

More and more stores are also choosing to deliver groceries to their homes. We can encounter this especially in large supermarket chains. However, remember to check everything that interests you before placing an order, including: price comparison between stationary and online stores. Another issue is delivery costs – this varies, some stores offer free delivery, others do not. The day of the week on which you want to receive your purchases also matters.

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Eat something before you go to the store

Going shopping on an empty stomach is the worst thing you can do for your wallet. You’ve probably heard of something called sensory marketing. It is not without reason that confectioneries are usually located near the entrance, everything has been thought out.

The smells in the store make you buy more than you planned. Therefore, remember to snack on something beforehand, even a protein bar. You can eat a real meal when you get home.

Buy the things you need – a list is the key

Before going shopping, it is worth preparing a list of things you need to buy. By creating such a list, you will avoid unplanned expenses. Moreover, they will take you less time because you won’t wonder whether you need a given thing or not. A shopping list will help you organize.

It’s best to create a list on your smartphone, so you can be sure you won’t forget it. Thanks to this, you can update it at any time, e.g. when you remember something. There are also applications designed for this purpose, e.g. Listonic. If you share a shopping list with your family, a great option is to add photos of specific products to avoid mistakes.

Additionally, you can plan your meals and buy only as many products as you really need. This, in turn, is good for the environment because it reduces the amount of waste.

shopping list, a way to save on shopping

Don’t take a stroller, just a basket

This applies to small purchases, because for large purchases it will be better to choose a stroller. You may have guessed how it works. If you have less space to organize, you will focus on things that are necessary and what you actually came for. You won’t wonder whether to buy something extra, e.g. a promotion. Why? Because there simply won’t be room for it in the basket. Simple, right?

Check out the products listed below

Not everyone realizes that products on shelves are arranged in a specific way. The idea is to place more expensive goods at eye level. Many people wander through the store, looking only at the higher shelves. Sometimes it’s also because they simply don’t want to bend down. And on the lower shelves you can often find products at much better prices.

This is an interesting trick that you can use on your next purchases. It’s worth checking whether this method is used in the stores you frequent.

If you are a parent, do not take your child shopping

A child shopping is not a good idea. They will probably want to force you to make an unplanned purchase. What do you think this time? Sweets or toy? Plus, your baby needs attention, so the store isn’t the best place to take your baby. It is possible that you want to do your shopping efficiently so as not to waste time, and your toddler will make it difficult for you.

The only effective way to avoid such situations is to leave the child at home, of course under someone’s care. Unless you take another person with you who will take care of the child and, for example, spend this time playing. You have probably noticed that in stores and shopping centers there are a lot of attractions for children that will help keep them occupied for some time.

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Do major shopping once a week

Choose a day that suits you best and devote it to larger purchases. It’s best to always have it on the same day, this will help you develop a routine. You will know in advance that you have reserved time on a given day to replenish your food supplies. If you work from Monday to Friday, then you have the weekend at your disposal.

What will you gain by shopping like this once a week? First of all, you will save time and money. Ultimately, you will spend less by purchasing larger quantities of products. You won’t have to spend so much time shopping. You will do them once and repeat them only next week. Analyzing the previous months, you may notice that you are wasting a lot of time this way. But you can spend it on other things.

The calculator is your helper

When you go shopping, you definitely take your smartphone with you. So use it to compare prices of different products. This will help you choose the best offer. This way, you can also calculate how much you will spend on shopping on a given day and stick to the agreed amount.

It will probably also come in handy because prices currently have strange endings. This approach is intended to attract customers’ attention and, in a sense, confuse them. The thing is, many people look at price and only see the beginning. Later, they are shocked when something costs PLN 5 and not PLN 4 – although the given price is PLN 4.99.

If in doubt, also use a reader. It only takes a moment and it will help you gain confidence in the price of a given item. It will also allow you to give up products that, for example, cost more than the price on the label suggests.

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Collect points when shopping

Collecting points when shopping is a very popular marketing strategy. It usually takes the form of a loyalty program. Its goal is to encourage customers to shop more often in a given store. Customers receive points for making purchases, regardless of how much they pay. They can later exchange them for prizes, discounts and even free products. Sometimes people using this option have access to additional offers that other customers do not have.

This method may bring you benefits that will depend on the current offer of a given store. However, it is worth checking whether it is actually profitable at a given moment. You certainly don’t want to overpay for basic products only to gain little benefits in the end.

Leaflets and store applications

Here you will find current promotions, discounts and special offers for customers. This is an interesting option because they contain information about the prices of products that are decreasing in a given week or month. Additionally, they inform about new products that will be available on store shelves at a specific time.

Regularly viewing promotional leaflets will make it easier for you to plan your purchases. Thanks to this, you will decide which store to go to this time. By choosing cheaper items, you can save on shopping. Moreover, knowing that there will be a promotion, you will be prepared to buy more goods.

More and more often, such leaflets are available online, which is a significant convenience for customers. You can browse them anywhere, even while waiting in line to see the doctor.

Check your receipts

It’s best if you do it right after paying for your purchases, while still in the store. This will help you avoid returning to the market if any errors occur. First, check whether your receipt includes all the products you chose. Mistakes can even occur on the cash register – the cashier may have deleted something that another customer had selected.

The second issue concerns product prices. Check whether you paid for specific products as much as was stated on the shelf. Moreover, do not throw away the receipt, because it may be useful for a complaint or return.

checking receipts, how to save on shopping

What about price comparison websites?

Finally, we would like to add that in recent years all kinds of price comparison websites have become very popular. We didn’t mention them. Why? Well, not everyone is aware of the fact that from the customers’ perspective they are not very reliable.

These particular stores were not there by accident. The operation of price comparison websites is based on the fact that a given store pays for appearing in the ranking. Generally speaking, the comparison site does not present all the best offers. Only those whose owners want to be there. You probably guess that if you search on your own, you can find better deals.

Do you want to save effectively on shopping? Start by creating a household budget and monitor your expenses. You will find more tips in the entry on Spending planning.


As you can see, saving money on shopping will take some effort. However, over time, this can result in significant savings that your wallet will thank you for. Thanks to this, you will gain additional money that you can spend as you wish.

The presented ways to save apply primarily to grocery shopping. Want to learn more about this topic? Please read our post on how to save money on food.

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