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TOP 8 rural business ideas that will help you earn money in the countryside

Do you want to learn how to make money in the countryside? Here we discuss 8 rural business ideas. Check out each of them and choose something for yourself!

Life in the countryside undoubtedly has its charms – fresh air, beautiful landscapes and peace that is difficult to find in the city. But did you know that the countryside can also be a source of stable and profitable business? Nowadays, rural entrepreneurship has a lot to offer. Opening your own business in the countryside is not only a chance to change your lifestyle, but also the opportunity to use natural resources combined with your own passion. From this post you will learn how to earn money by opening your own business in the countryside. We discussed 8 selected rural business ideas that will work great in the countryside or in a small town. You will also find tips on how to start your own business, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of running your own business in the countryside. We invite you to read!

How to start your own business in the countryside?

Let’s start with the fact that starting a business always looks similar – regardless of whether you do it in the city or in the countryside. First, you need to plan everything thoroughly to be well prepared for possible problems.

It would be a good idea to start by writing down all your business ideas. Your skills, passions and experience will be important here and may prove to be the basis for your business. Think carefully about which of these ideas suits you best. Choose the one that aligns with your passions and has the potential for success. Also look for gaps in the market, needs or problems that you can solve with your offer. This is the so-called market niche, i.e. something that can be filled by this business. If you want to be successful, especially focus on niches where there is little or no competition.

The next step is to develop a business plan that will help you define specific goals, action strategy and market analysis. A business plan has one more feature, namely it helps us understand what specific steps need to be taken to achieve our goals, also in business. Additionally, this document may be very useful if you want to obtain funding.

The next step will be to register the company with the appropriate institutions. These include primarily the Tax Office and the National Court Register. If you are not experienced in this, it is worth consulting your local administrative authorities to find out about any formalities and documents required.

woman typing on a laptop keyboard, documents and a calculator spread out around her

It would also be good to create a website for your business. You certainly realize that nowadays, online presence is extremely important for the success of a company. Create a professional website or commission it to specialists. You might think that such a website won’t be of much use at first, but in reality it’s a bit different. On the website you will be able to promote your products or services and additionally establish contact with customers.

In addition, you need to develop a specific marketing strategy that will help you reach your target audience. It is worth using various modern tools for this purpose, e.g. social media, online advertising, e-mail marketing or even cooperation with influencers.

You must also bear in mind that running a business requires proper financial management. Therefore, monitor all income and expenses, keep accounting records carefully and prepare financial analyzes on an ongoing basis. If you need support, consult an accountant or financial advisor. Their help can be invaluable, especially for a novice entrepreneur.

Also take care of good relationships with your customers. How to do it? Above all, provide them with high-quality service so that they have no reason to complain. Always try to listen to their opinions and respond to their needs, as far as possible, of course. Remember that loyal customers can bring you many benefits, including referrals and regular orders.

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Own business in the countryside – advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages include:

  • local character – many people value the bond and cooperation with local communities in the countryside. This can help build customer loyalty and business development,
  • peace and contact with nature – the opportunity to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city and natural surroundings can bring great satisfaction,
  • access to raw materials – some activities in the countryside may use local raw materials, e.g. wood or agricultural products. This is a beneficial solution for production and cost reduction,
  • greater autonomy – this is about the independence that an entrepreneur can achieve by running a business outside an urban area,
  • less competition – in villages there are usually fewer entrepreneurs, which may mean less competition,
  • a chance for support – opening a business in the countryside is associated with the possibility of obtaining subsidies and financial support that will facilitate the development of the business.
man in a suit talking on the phone, sitting in a cafe with a laptop

The disadvantages include:

  • limited number of customers – fewer people live in the countryside than in the city, which also means fewer potential customers. Therefore, the survival of our business may prove to be a challenge,
  • fewer development opportunities – in some cases it may be more difficult to develop a business in the countryside. The point is that the market is smaller, so the possibilities for expansion are limited,
  • difficulties in finding employees – in some industries it may be more difficult to find qualified employees, which may affect business development. This applies especially to those activities that involve stationary work,
  • worse infrastructure – if it is less developed, it may affect access to some services and resources. You must remember to carefully consider all aspects related to opening a business in the countryside. It will need to be adapted to local conditions and community needs. Therefore, it will be useful to conduct market research, e.g. by talking to residents.

You will certainly wonder whether doing business in the countryside makes sense, but you actually have to find the answer yourself. This may depend on many factors, including: type of business, location and individual preferences of the entrepreneur.

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Rural business ideas

Children’s playroom

playroom for children, children on the climbing wall

The first proposal will be a playroom for children. In many cases, this can be a great business idea, because children always need space to play and interact together. Such a place may be a playroom, where they can spend time in a safe and attractive environment.

If you are considering this option, it is worth investing in a variety of devices and attractions, including: slides, swings, trampolines and a ball pool. It is also important to ensure appropriate hygiene and safety conditions. So don’t forget about a soft floor, appropriate protection and, of course, guardians who will watch over the children.

The playroom can attract both local families and tourists or visitors who are visiting family. Parents often look for places where their children can play and spend time actively, while giving them a break from everyday duties. It is equally important to create a friendly atmosphere for parents. You can organize a cafe or a simple relaxation space where they can spend time while their children play.

As the owner of such a room, you can also consider organizing various activities, e.g. birthdays or thematic workshops. This way you can attract more customers and make the playroom a popular meeting place for children and their parents from all over the area.

Mini zoo

men's hands stroking a little goat, happy goat

Opening a mini zoo in the countryside is an interesting business idea for people who love animals. This type of activity can attract both local residents and tourists looking for attractive ways to spend time outdoors. A mini zoo may include various species of animals, e.g. goats, fallow deer, pheasants, peacocks, ostriches or ornamental chickens. Most often, you can also find chickens, ducks, geese, sheep, rabbits and donkeys. You’ve probably noticed that alpacas have been very popular in recent years, so if you could get one, it would definitely increase the number of guests.

Running a mini zoo in the countryside requires compliance with regulations regarding the proper treatment of animals and their safety as well as the safety of visitors. Such places are mainly visited by children, so you must make sure that they are accompanied by a responsible person during each visit. In addition, you must make sure that children do not irritate or torment animals.

You can also consider various forms of attractions for guests, e.g. therapeutic classes with animals, organizing special events or even mini colonies. It is also worth starting cooperation with schools, kindergartens and organizations dealing with animal-assisted therapy. Remember, however, that as the owner of a mini zoo, you are obliged to provide the animals with appropriate conditions, food and take care of their health and well-being.

Sale of eco products

fresh eggs in a bowl standing on a wooden table, with pieces of straw around, rural business ideas

You have surely noticed that for some time there has been a huge interest in eco products. The market for ecological products is developing dynamically, which opens new opportunities for both existing and new enterprises. The prospects for the development of sales of such products in Poland look really promising. This is an idea for an attractive and at the same time sustainable business activity.

Organic products attract customers looking for healthy and fresh products. They are not only tastier, but also healthier than those offered in grocery stores. By running such a business, you can sell dairy products, i.e. organic cheese, yogurt, milk and eggs from farmed animals. You can also sell fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as preserves, such as jams, preserves and purees, as well as juices and pickles. All of them must be made from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial substances.

In addition, there are meat products, i.e. meat and cold cuts from organic animal farms, fed with natural feed and kept in appropriate conditions. If you grow cereals, you can also sell cereal products, i.e. cereal grains, groats or flour. Do you keep bees? Then you can make and sell bee products. These include not only honey, but also pollen, propolis (commonly called bee glue), royal jelly and honeycombs.

As you can see, the choice is really large. Also remember that it is possible to sell organic products online, which allows you to reach customers from different regions.


father and son set up a tent in the forest, camping, rural business ideas

Another business idea is camping. This will be an attractive option for people looking for peace and contact with nature, which includes people living in the city every day. The basic requirement here is to have a piece of land and be open to other people. Moreover, remember that such a campsite will certainly be a more profitable option than staying in a resort or hotel. It may be of particular interest to young people who do not want to spend all their savings on a holiday trip.

The opening of the campsite allows you to create a space where tourists can pitch tents or caravans to enjoy the charm of the rural landscape. Many people are looking for alternative forms of recreation, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes camping in the countryside an attractive choice. If there is a hiking trail, a lake or simply a forest nearby, such a business may be a hit. If you run a farm, you can offer guests additional options, such as participating in daily activities. It could be feeding animals, picking fruit or taking a tractor ride.

Camping combined with agritourism can attract a diverse group of guests, e.g. families, couples, groups of friends or simply nature lovers. It is important to provide guests with appropriate amenities, especially toilets, showers, fireplaces, as well as access to water and electricity.

You can also think about organizing various attractions, e.g. bicycle trips, bonfires or barbecues, or even thematic workshops to increase the attractiveness of the campsite. It is also worth preparing a mini outdoor cinema – just spread out a large sheet and buy a projector. In addition, it would also be a good idea to rent bicycles or kayaks, depending on what is available in the area.

A related option is to build several holiday cottages, which you can then rent to tourists. If you take care of their service, they will most likely recommend your campsite or cottage to their friends. This, of course, means that new customers will appear.

Garden center

garden center, rural business ideas, a lot of plants

Opening a garden center can be an interesting venture. Especially if you are fascinated by plants and have at least a basic understanding of gardening. In the garden center you can find not only a wide selection of plants, but also gardening tools and all gardening-related products. Owners should primarily try to meet the needs of the local community by providing them with high-quality plants and, preferably, gardening services.

One of the advantages of running a garden center in the countryside is the proximity to nature and the beauty of the rural landscape. Customers can enjoy fresh air and peace, which creates a pleasant atmosphere while shopping and inspires to create beautiful gardens. Maybe this way some of your clients will also fall in love with this atmosphere and decide to move to a similar place.

An important aspect of the gardening business is understanding customer preferences. Nowadays, most people focus on minimalism, claiming that home gardens should be simply nice and well-kept. It is best that they do not absorb too much of their owners, who devote most of their time to professional duties. Unless they work in jobs that allow them to spend a lot of time taking care of their garden. Therefore, it is worth offering plants and products that match local conditions and customer preferences. It is important to adapt the offer to the changing needs of customers.

You also need to be aware that this will be a rather seasonal business, because in winter people don’t usually think about buying plants or tools for their care. In winter, you can sell Christmas trees – many people still choose live ones, so there could be a lot of interest.

Additionally, it is worth considering the possibility of selling plants and gardening products online. This is quite a simple way to expand the reach of your business. In addition, you could offer, for example, advice on the selection of plants, building rockeries or designing gardens. Also think carefully about your offer, an interesting solution may be the possibility of hiring a gardener who will be able to carry out all necessary activities to make the garden look impeccable. This option is usually used by people who don’t have access to plants.


vineyard, mountains and sunset in the background, village view

The next idea is your own vineyard. Viticulture and wine production attract both wine lovers and tourists. However, you must take into account that opening a vineyard in the countryside requires careful planning and preparation. The first step will be to choose an appropriate plot, i.e. one with favorable soil and climatic conditions for growing vines. Then you need to decide what grape varieties will be grown. We primarily take into account local conditions and market preferences.

However, you must bear in mind that the wine production process requires knowledge and skills. For this reason, it is worth investing in wine training or consulting experienced oenologists. A vineyard can produce different types of wine depending on what plants you choose. As a vineyard owner, you should take care of the quality of viticulture, harvest the grapes at the right time and carry out the fermentation and maturation process of the wine. Ripening is very important because it improves its taste and aroma. Remember, however, that if you want to open a winery, you must obtain a license to sell alcohol.

Let’s not forget that a vineyard in the countryside can also be a tourist attraction that will attract lovers of wine and beautiful landscapes. Organizing tastings, visiting the vineyard and participating in related activities can be attractive ways of spending time for visitors. You can also think about organizing thematic events, e.g. grape harvest or wine festival, which will attract more guests and contribute to the promotion of the vineyard.

Finally, we will mention one more thing. The vineyard located in a beautiful area is also a perfect place for photo sessions, even occasional ones. Endless rows of vines in a picturesque setting guarantee unique scenery and a beautiful background for photography. Every corner of the vineyard offers unique opportunities where you can create unforgettable images. The vineyard can be rented, for example, for a wedding session, so that you can enjoy such a souvenir for many years.

Production of garden furniture

garden furniture production, rural business ideas, table and chair, flower in a pot

The production of garden furniture may turn out to be an interesting rural business idea. Starting the production of garden furniture in the countryside does not require large investments, because you probably already have most of the tools needed for production.

If you lack inspiration, it is worth taking a look at popular garden furniture designs, for example those sold in well-known DIY chain stores. Additionally, you can browse Pinterest or other social media. If you don’t know what people are currently looking for and what is in demand, we also recommend visiting various forums and groups on Facebook. Many people look for specific furniture in this way or share their doubts with other users. This allows you to do some pretty good market research and even start advertising your services there.

In addition, you can also make custom-made furniture, i.e. tailored to a specific customer. Many people still use this option if they want something they can’t get in stores or they just don’t want anyone else to have the same product. Also remember that adapting your offer to the local market may help you obtain higher prices for your products.

It is important to organize a production plant consisting of rooms that are necessary for this type of activity. So you need to take into account, among others:

  • office,
  • production hall,
  • warehouse for finished products,
  • room for storing materials and raw materials,
  • utility room,
  • exhibition hall.

Handicraft – creating and selling

garden house in front of the house, sunset in background, trampoline and swing

The last suggestion is to open a business that involves creating and selling handicrafts. When we talk about handicraft, we mean the process of creating objects by hand. This is usually done using traditional tools and techniques that require manual skills, creativity, and precision.

Handicraft is a very broad field, which includes, among others:

  • jewelry – handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. They can be made of various materials, e.g. beads, precious stones, wood or metal,
  • leather products – hand-made handbags, wallets, belts and various types of cases,
  • ceramics – making dishes, vases, figurines and other objects from clay,
  • embroidery – a fabric decorating technique that uses a needle and colored threads to create patterns and motifs on fabrics. You can offer to decorate clothes, e.g. denim jackets, trousers or napkins.

So you can create products from wood, e.g. bird feeders, swings or garden houses. Another option will be handmade greeting cards, bookmarks or fabric book covers. If you can crochet or knit, you can create handbags, clothes, cotton bags or bedspreads and then sell them. Try to ensure that your store offers a large selection of unique products, and it will be easier to attract customers.

If you decide on any of these examples, consider using modern sales and promotion methods. More specifically, it’s about running an online store to expand your business and reach more customers. Using social media can, in turn, contribute to increasing interest and promoting your business in the countryside.

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man sitting at a desk with a laptop, talking on the phone


We hope that the above post has inspired you to some extent. It is possible that thanks to our proposals you have come up with a great business idea that you just need to implement now.

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