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Strategic and economic game

Join the struggle on an unprecedented scale. Develop yourself and become the richest man in the world.

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Start your financial education in a fun way

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Numerous paths to success

Climb your company's career ladder, make well-thought-out investment decisions, win the hearts (and portfolios) of your clients as an innovative entrepreneur ... or develop your own strategy for success.

Ruthless competition

Check your strength against other players in tournaments and in the usual game! Good players appear on the list of the richest people. The best are on it. Check if you are able to become one of them!

Character development

Whether you achieve a brilliant success or a spectacular failure will depend on your skills. Develop your character and raise qualifications so that someday you can become a real financial shark!


What does the game look like?

See the videos below presenting selected functionalities in the game


In the game

Become a desirable specialist

  • Work as a freelancer or find a good work
  • Get experience and qualifications
  • Make value training
  • Search for new development possibilities
  • Make businesses working about you

Invest in success

  • Put money on deposit
  • Win the stock market
  • Conquer the real estate market
  • Monitor risk
  • Make money work for you
Person checking the chart

Run your company to the top

  • Make start funds
  • Receive new revenue orders
  • Searching for skilled employees
  • Develop a company and introduce innovation
  • Conquer new markets

Check yourself!

Learning personal finance has never been easier

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Simplified rules of the game


You start with a small amount of money that you can turn into a huge fortune.


If you have little money and you will be surprised by the expenses, you will go bankrupt.


Develop your unique strategy that will allow you to become the richest.


Promote your career, growth your business, or invest your money.


Develop your skills. You will never lose them.

Now prove that the richest man in the world can be the only one:

Players feedback

CashPlay is a great game, it is incredibly addictive. It teaches you the basics of the general business world or real estate. After you’ve mastered the virtual game, it will be 10x easier to transfer your knowledge to reality.

Martin Godlewski

Generally speaking, I like the game. You can see in what areas we can educate ourselves and what we have out of this (i.e. investing in customer education will increase your income) and translate it into life. The game shows that you need to be vigilant and check and reduce costs of life or business etc.

Matthew W

If you want to become an investor, this game is for you. At first you think it is impossible to have the capital gained by the people who are first ranked in the game, but over time the game teaches you, among other things, “the discipline.” Due to the fact that you constantly monitor your income, expenses, profits and losses from investments, it helps you to develop an appropriate financial strategy. I recommend it to any novice investor.

IloRo – the richest player at the time of writing

The game may be a bit challenging, but this is all the fun! It is really addictive and very absorbing because school education definitely does not teach us the practical partfo of you finances. This type of “game” allows ordinary people, especially young people, to understand how the financial world works. Tested on 8- and 10-year-old sons. It fulfilled its role very well. I recommend, Jack

Jack K

Whether you are a young person just entering the job market, or an experienced employee or employer, this game will give you a solid understanding of various investment methods and money management. Then just put the game into practice to never worry about money again 🙂




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