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How to save on vacation? Why is it worth it?

Looking for ways to save on vacation? We discuss the most important of them. Here you will also find reasons why you should go on a cheap holiday.

Holidays are the perfect time to relax, explore new places and create unforgettable memories. However, an inseparable element of traveling are costs, which effectively discourage some people from planning trips. It often turns out that saving during the holidays is not as difficult as it may seem. In this article, we’ll give you practical tips to help you save money without sacrificing quality and enjoyment.

Reasons why it is worth saving on holidays

Here are a few reasons why you should save on vacation:

  • the ability to see more places – thanks to saving, we can afford to visit more places,
  • positive impact on health – rest and detachment from everyday duties positively affect not only our mental but also physical health. Saving allows us to use these benefits more often,
  • a longer adventure – thanks to saving, we can afford a longer stay in a given place. This will allow us to get to know it more thoroughly and better understand the culture prevailing there,
  • making dreams come true – saving allows you to fulfill your dreams of traveling and visiting new places,
  • less stress – by reducing the costs associated with holidays, we can eliminate unnecessary stress associated with excessive expenses. Thanks to this, we can enjoy a rest,
  • investment in the future – during the journey we gain new experiences and knowledge about the world. In this way, we become more conscious and creative people,
  • sense of freedom – we avoid dependence on loans and debts. This gives us a greater sense of independence and financial freedom,
  • personal development – traveling teaches us new skills, e.g. budget management, decision making or dealing with various situations. Saving develops our planning skills and financial responsibility.
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How to save on vacation? – specific ways

Holidays are the time we look forward to. Thinking about them, we primarily imagine relaxation, adventures and new experiences. Traveling can also be expensive, which is often a barrier for many people. However, it is worth realizing that we do not have to give up our dream trips, but plan them accordingly. With particular emphasis on financial matters.

The rest of this article will give you some practical advice to help you cut down on spending before and during your vacation.

Traveling out of season

We start with the method that seems to be the basis. Traveling off-season can be a really effective way to save while on vacation. Prices are then lower, sometimes even significantly. This applies to many things, including accommodation, transport and tourist attractions. Even airlines are lowering ticket prices to encourage travelers to choose dates when there is less congestion. In this way, we are cheap to save a lot of money.

The second point is the fact that there are almost always fewer tourists in the off-season. We probably don’t have to convince you that it will contribute to a better quality of rest or sightseeing. Most people don’t like going to places full of tourists and it’s hard to move anywhere. Both admiring the views and leisurely exploring a place make for a much better travel experience.

Therefore, remember – if you have the opportunity, plan your holidays and trips outside the holiday season. You will definitely not regret this decision. Let us add that this applies not only to the period after the season, but also before it – some people forget about it.

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Budget planning

Planning a budget before traveling has many positive sides. First of all, it protects us from excessive consumption during the trip, as well as an unpleasant surprise after returning. It’s about the situation when it turns out that we spent way too much.

Planning a budget also helps in determining all the expenses that we have to incur before the trip. Setting a budget before your trip allows you to better plan your visit to specific tourist attractions. In this way, we will avoid unplanned expenses and save time, which we can spend, for example, on additional sightseeing.

Planning a budget before the trip also provides a sense of security – thanks to it, we are able to predict how much money we will spend. The money saved in this way can be used for other purposes or for the next trip.

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Trip planning

You should know that planning a trip is not only about determining the budget you can spend on a specific trip. Planning also involves many other things, including: specifying what places and attractions you want to visit. At the very beginning, set all the details of the trip, i.e. date, place, company (if you plan to take someone with you) and budget.

Then we move on to accommodation and transport. Here, first of all, focus on comparing the different options that interested you. Then combine them with your vacation budget and the rest of your plans. If you plan to travel by plane, focus on finding the cheapest available flights. The next step is to book accommodation and transport, which will certainly have a positive effect on your finances. Thanks to this, you will also avoid unnecessary stress related to the lack of vacancies.

Next, choose specific places and attractions that you particularly care about during this trip. If possible, make reservations to ensure you can visit them. Then work on developing a detailed itinerary and packing list. It is a good practice to prepare for the trip – good research will allow you, for example, to find out about the prices that apply where you are going.

Remember that very often buying or booking in advance is a guarantee of a lower price. There is a rule that the earlier we plan our trip, the more possibilities we have. It’s all about taking advantage of attractive promotions and price reductions. By booking accommodation, plane tickets and attractions well in advance, we can avoid the high prices that we get when we do it at the last minute.

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Searching for free attractions

This is another good way to save while on vacation. Many cities offer free attractions, which most often include museums, art galleries or parks.
This option allows you to enjoy the culture and history of the city without incurring costs. More and more places are also offering free festivals and other such events – another great way to spend time and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Various meetings with authors, exhibitions and film screenings are often organized in public libraries. Most of these events are completely free, so it’s worth taking advantage of. Recently, all vantage points from which the panorama of the entire city extends are becoming more and more popular. To get to them, you often have to walk a certain route and then climb the stairs to the very top. Thanks to this, we gain additional attractions and can spend time pleasantly in the bosom of nature.

A related option is a free guided tour of the city. Recently, it is becoming more and more popular. It is one of the most attractive options for travelers who want to spend their holidays economically. Such sightseeing is a great way to learn about the history and curiosities associated with a given place – without having to incur additional costs.

What’s more, the guides are often residents of the city, so they have a lot of knowledge about local history, culture and traditions. Thanks to them, we can also get to know the less known, but equally fascinating corners of the city. In addition, the guides always know the most interesting routes and attractions. Thanks to this, we can make the most of the time and do not have to worry about the organization of sightseeing in order to see everything on time.

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Arrangement of transport

The organization of transport during a holiday trip is one of the key issues to be checked. If you want to organize it cheaply, you definitely need to be prepared for a little extra effort. The most important thing, however, is that you can significantly reduce costs and enjoy a wonderful holiday without putting too much strain on your wallet.

Before leaving, find out what means of transport are the most profitable in the area you are going to. Depending on the city, these can be buses, trams or trains. Also, remember to look for up-to-date information, as many sites contain price lists from many years ago.

Many attractions cannot be reached by car, and exploring the city on foot has its own unique charm. By the way, such a walk also has a positive effect on health and well-being. If you are going to typical tourist areas, it will be a good choice to take a bicycle with you. Thanks to this, you will be closer to everywhere, and in addition, you will avoid additional fees for renting a vehicle on the spot. Nowadays, almost every city has a bicycle route.

Another option is car or scooter rentals. Having a specific departure date planned, it is worth starting to look for car rental offers a few weeks in advance. Rental prices depend on the season and date, and you yourself know that holidays are the time of greatest demand – it’s worth taking care of it in advance.

You can also hitchhike, but not everyone will feel comfortable traveling with a stranger. In addition, you must remember not to look for opportunities at all costs – always put your safety first.

If you are planning to travel by your own car, it would be best to take your friends with you. Then you share the cost of fuel, which makes it more profitable for everyone. Also remember to check the cost of refueling and driving on the highway. It will also allow you to plan refueling in such a way as not to overpay. In the same way, transport can be arranged if you are not driving your own vehicle. When you go with your family or a group of friends, you can rent a car together, thanks to which the costs are spread out without burdening anyone’s budget.

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Saving on food while traveling

This is a great way to reduce travel costs. We start with the journey, i.e. preparing drinks and snacks or sandwiches for the road. This option is especially useful for longer journeys. Having your own lunch with you, you do not spend any more money on food on the road. In this way, you save not only money, but also time, because you do not have to stand in line at a gas station or roadside bar. Besides, it will also save you food that would probably go to waste while you are away from home.

If you are forced to eat out, try to find takeaway places. In places like food trucks you will certainly pay less than in restaurants. If you want to eat in a restaurant, look for cheap options where they serve tasty meals. In the age of the Internet, it takes literally a moment to find such places, besides, you can check the opinions of other customers, which will probably make you not regret your visit.

Going to an exotic country? Then your meals may consist mainly of fruit. Remember that seasonal food is not only cheaper, but also healthier. Especially if you visit the country where they are grown – you will get them at very attractive prices, because the cost of export is eliminated.

Another interesting option is to choose hostels or other places to stay where a kitchenette is available. This allows you to cook your own meals while shopping at local grocery stores. Then you decide how much you will spend on food, and you can be sure that you will like it. We also recommend going to the local market or food stalls. In this way, you have the opportunity to try local delicacies, and in addition at affordable prices, because local residents also shop there. By the way, you will experience the local culinary culture.

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A selection of unobvious places

At this point, we mean locations that are not among the most popular. Choosing unobvious locations is another way to save on vacation. When planning a trip, you can, for example, choose smaller towns or villages, where accommodation will certainly be cheaper than in popular tourist locations. It is also worth looking for less known tourist routes – you will often find gems that lead to beautiful places. And most importantly, they have not yet been discovered by crowds of tourists. In this case, in addition to saving money, you will also experience great adventures.

Another option is to use less known websites offering accommodation, such as Couchsurfing or Warmshowers. You can find there completely free accommodation with people who share their rooms or flats.

It is also worth noting that by avoiding popular tourist spots, you also avoid crowds of tourists. This allows for a relaxing rest on the beach or leisurely sightseeing without time pressure. In addition, by choosing locations that are just gaining popularity, you can contribute to their development. Thanks to this, new places can be created that will become attractive to future travelers.

This approach will allow you to discover unknown parts of the world. You will be able to enjoy adventures that may turn out to be unique and more attractive than popular destinations. It is also a great opportunity to develop your passion for travel and enjoy discovering amazing places around the world.

You can see for yourself that there are many effective ways to save during the holidays. Knowing them and implementing them, we can enjoy full adventures without worrying about the fact that we will overdraw our budget as a result.

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We hope that after reading this post, you already know how to save on vacation. We’ve put together some of the top tips so you can enjoy your dream vacation without spending a fortune.

Do you want to know more useful tips on how you can start saving every day? We also encourage you to visit another entry in this series: How to save money at a young age?

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