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Alphabet games – a way to improve thinking efficiency

Alphabet games – exercise that will help you increase your efficiency. Let’s try it out!

Alphabet games is a mental exercise that allows you to synchronize the brain hemispheres. The main effect of doing this exercise is much better concentration. As a consequence, we can achieve a state of concentration in which our mind is completely free of unwanted thoughts.

This state is called the alpha state because it tunes the functioning of our mind to operate in accordance with alpha waves. In this state, our mind works most efficiently, which has been scientifically proven. Thanks to this, it will be much easier for us to prepare for a difficult exam or an important meeting, and even make investment decisions.

The operation of this mind exercise is quite simple. To understand them, you first need to realize that our brain consists of two hemispheres. Each of them is responsible for different functions. Depending on what we do, one hemisphere is dominant.

Generally, the left side of our brain is responsible for logical thinking, and the right side for creative thinking. During the exercise, we build new neural connections between the hemispheres, which affects the efficiency of our thinking. Then we achieve a state of undisturbed clarity of mind, thanks to which no thoughts will disturb our concentration.

You will learn how to recognize this state of aggregation a little later. I will only add that you will master it best during regular practice. We suggest you to test this exercise for some time, e.g. a week. Thanks to this, you can check for yourself how it works in your case. To illustrate this point, let me tell you that my overall personal productivity has increased by more than half, including with this simple five-minute exercise.

Alphabet game

The exercise itself consists in reading aloud successive letters of the alphabet from the board, while making the appropriate movements with both hands. The commands that we execute while pronouncing the following letters are:

• P – raise the right hand,

• L – left,

• O – both hands.

We do the exercise quite quickly. The duration, when we are just starting, should be a bit longer, i.e. up to 15 minutes. Don’t worry about mistakes that may occur during the course, just ignore them and keep practicing. At some point, you’re going to feel a little dizzy, and you’ll start to get confused more often. This is the best indication that we have achieved the desired effect. However, everyone has to feel for themselves whether they have been practicing long enough – it just takes practice.

During regular exercise, the time to achieve the desired state will decrease significantly. It may be that we only need 5 minutes exercise to get the desired results. If we want, we can prepare the exercise board on a plain sheet of paper. It must consist of successive letters of the alphabet under which we write commands. Once again, I would like to remind you that you should remember to pronounce successive letters of the alphabet aloud and execute commands at the same time.

The rules for placing commands are as follows: in each column, the lower command cannot be the same as the one above. The second rule is that under the letters of the alphabet O, P and L there cannot be commands that are marked with the same letters. This means that under the alphabet letter O, there can be no command O, and so on.

When it comes to commands adjacent to each other on the same line, they can be repeated, but it would be good if this did not happen too often. The board itself looks more or less like the one presented in the picture above or as written below:


There is a website that has an online version of alphabet games. You can practice on your computer screen. If you want to try and test this exercise yourself, go to this page: Electronic version of Alphabet games.

Remember that you can generate different boards any number of times – according to your preferences.

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